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VIMAI Launches World's First BT5.0 TWS Earphones with In-Ear Heart Rate Tech from Well Being Digital


Powered by WBD101's ActivHearts™ world's smallest heart rate sensing technology, the EP-017 earphones is compatible with the latest iOS and Android smartphones and has comfortable in-ear fitting

First BT5.0 TWS Earphones with WBD101's Heart Rate Sensing Technology

HONG KONG, - October 09, 2019 - VIMAI launches the world's first TWS earphones with in-ear heart rate sensing (EP-017) that uses the same heart rate sensing design as the JBL Reflect Fit and the Pioneer SEC-S801BT. This sports and true wireless earphones has proven to be very accurate when compared to the chestbelt.

As the competition between earphones of similar price points gets tougher, Vimai integrates the ActivHearts™ heart rate sensing into the EP-017 to differentiate itself in the TWS earphones market. Besides Vimai's competitive price point, consumers can also expect features like high definition acoustics, water & sweat proof materials and excellent Bluetooth connection performance.

According to Market Research Report, the first five-year cumulative revenue (2017-2021) of Hearables globally is projected to be over US$ 85 Bn, with a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period. Smart sensing earphones, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and medical grade hearing aids currently dominate the Hearables Market. The market is actively pursuing innovation to improve listening capability, human physiological sensing, artificial intelligence and connection to the web for data processing.

"It's more convenient to obtain your heart rate from earphones than compared to looking at your smartwatch from time to time when you are running, because you can listen to music and receive audio coaching concurrently," says Kow Ping, Executive Director of WBD101. "You can also conserve the battery of your Apple Watch by using the earphones' Heart Rate sensing instead."

The EP-017 TWS hearable has additional features like IPX5, which provides water and sweat proofing, as well as instant pairing and microphones for phone calls. In additional, its playtime can be up to 3.5 hours per charging cycle and the re-chargeable battery case can support an additional 4 charging cycles at full capacity; resulting in a total of 17.5 hours playtime with a fully charged battery case. The Bluetooth 5.0 chipset from Qualcomm provides better compatibility with many smartphones and has a better transmission range while using lesser power than compared to the traditional Bluetooth 4.2x chipset.

Last but not least, the EP-017 TWS earphones heart rate sensing accuracy has been tested against chestbelts, demonstrating high accuracy even under strenuous running of up to 15km/h and 190 beats per minute heart rate. It has also been tested to be compatible with most heart rate enabled fitness apps in both iOS and Android platforms. Users can easily obtain their heart rate readings directly to their smartphones for data analysis and receive real-time coaching.

Heart Rate Reading from POLAR App using VIMAI's BT5.0 TWS and WBD101's ActivHearts™

"VIMAI has been manufacturing wireless Bluetooth earphones in its 3,000 square meters factory since 2018," says Jacky Wei, CEO of VIMAI. "We are determined to bring differentiated features like health sensing at an affordable price point to the consumer earphones market."

About VIMAI Officially founded in 2018, Shenzhen VIMAI Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the 6 subsidiary corporations of HK VISHI CO.,LIMITED. VIMAI is a leading company in Chinese mobile devices peripheral products industry. In the recent years, we focused on creative design, powerful R&D strength, and precision production as our core values. VIMAI Technology has optimized its industry chain profusely and has expanded into the international market while developing its own brand.

VIMAI Technology owns over 3000 square meters of state-of-the-art equipments factory in Shenzhen. Not only did VIMAI Technology build its own independent research and development institutions, VIMAI currently owns more than 100 industrial design patents and technical patents. VIMAI has self-developed and manufactured a wide range of products with multiple series including, flash disk, card reader, wireless Bluetooth earbuds and AI Bluetooth products etc.

VIMAI is awarded the ISO 9001 and has the approval of CE Marking, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

VIMAI will be at the Global Sources Trade Fair during Oct 2019 in Hong Kong. Phase I: Exhibition : Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Date : 11-Oct-19 to 14-Oct-19 Place : AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong Booth No. : 6P02

Phase II: Exhibition : Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Date : 18-Oct-19 to 21-Oct-19 Place : AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong Booth No. : 1L02

Contact: Sales Director: Cody Xu

Sales Direct line: +86-755-86520862 Wechat: 13751186564

About WBD101 Founded in 2012, Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company whose first patents are dated back to 2008, incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), it has offices in HKSTP and Shenzhen so as to provide very timely support to B2B customers during their designs, tests and production stages. WBD101 focuses on very sophisticated SmartBody™ Sensing Technology. Over the years, WBD101 won numerous international awards including the Best Wearable Mobile Tech Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2016, Special & Gold Awards at the 43rd Geneva Inventions Conventions and 2016 WITSA Global ICT Award.

WBD101 will be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn) booth 1CON-029 (Just outside Hall 1B) from Oct 13th to 16th, 2019.

Contact: to see a demo of the Vimai EP-017 at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn 2019.

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