our mission

Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101)

One day Wearables and Hearables will be part of the tele-health / tele-medicine implementation and the accuracies of these devices will be crucial. Well Being Digital (WBD101) provides highly accurate sensing semiconductor solution to hearables/wearables brands so as to target sports, fitness, healthcare and medical markets.

We are collaborating with key Asian Institutions for clinical / human / public trials for various bio-signals validation. 


Our technologies won awards at numerous world-wide events including two awards (Gold and Special) at the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (a world class competition co-organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization) and the Best Wearable Mobile Technology at Mobile World Congress 2016.


With more than 60 patents filed/granted in USA, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and PCT, we are developing semiconductor and reference designs for smart hearables and wearables

What Makes Us Different?

Our OpticalFusion™ Technology (comprises of multiple LED and Photodiode pairs) effectively removes motion noise and results in very accurate physiological signals such as dynamic heart rate, interbeat intervals (RRI) and motion (including vertical oscillation, left/right foot contact time and gait) etc, so that the results can be useful for sports, healthcare and even medical applications.
We probably have the world’s smallest heart rate sensing technology when applied to earphones, this results in consumers finding our customers’ earphones very comfortable to wear. Check out the Philips SN503 (TASN503 for China), TCL Actv200BT, JBL Reflect Fit, Pioneer SEC-S801BT, Cleer Edge Voice/Pulse and Hera Leto One etc.
Earphone brands using OpticalFusion™ Technology can have the sensors small and inconspicuous, earphone brands and designers can have carte blanche on their designs without requiring any external modification of product surface.
We have worldwide Tier 1 customers.
We provide SmartBody™ Sensing processors with our ActivHearts™ algorithm. 
We have teams in Hong Kong, USA and China to provide localized sales, technical and factory support.