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Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101)

WBD101 is a company specializing in Optical Designs and Vital Signs Sensing Algorithm for Smart Earbuds (Hearables) and AR Glasses. We provide customed designs and algorithm depending on your mechanical / industrial designs so as to get the best accuracy for the vital sense.


Founded in 2012, WBD101 is a Hong Kong based company whose first patents are dated back to 2008, incubated by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), it has offices in HKSTP and Shenzhen to provide timely support to B2B customers during their product designs, development, EVT, DVT and production stages. WBD101's technology has been licensed by several consumer earbud brands and many others in the Fitness/HealthTech/MedTech space.


Over the years, WBD101 won numerous international awards including the Best Wearable Mobile Tech Awards at the Mobile World Congress 2016, Special & Gold Awards at the 43rd Geneva Inventions Conventions, 2016 WITSA Global ICT Award and the inaugural Hong Kong City I&T Grand Challenge Innovation Award in 2022. The company owns close to 100 patents worldwide.


According to market research, earbuds account for the biggest segment in the wearable market, more people carry/wear earbuds than watches and rings, in fact, it is the second most common electronics device that people commonly carry with them.


Over recent years, the earbuds category has undergone many changes, initially from wired earbuds to True Wireless Stereo (TWS), and with the research community (including Universities and Hospitals) validating that vital signs detected from the ears are more stable, multi-modal, more accurate than the wrist and finger, the earbuds category is now broadening into many other sub-categories including Sleeping Earbuds with sleep position and per-second SpO2 tracking, Open Wireless Stereo Earbuds with heart rate sensing suitable for outdoor sports, OTC hearing aids with health sensing for the elderlies, Industrial Earbuds for heat stress detection, Individual Health Monitoring earbuds for Rehabilitation care, and even AR Glasses with heart rate displayed on screen, etc.


​Another advantage of the earbuds versus the watch and ring is its ability to provide interaction / intervention, whether it is to be used as a communication earbuds to interact with a therapist during tele-rehabilitation, provide audio advise for the runner to speed up or slow down pertaining to the heart rate zone, audio alert to warn against heat stroke, soothing music to enhance sleep, white noise to help increase attention level, etc, our customers’ earbuds are able to provide not just good acoustics but also useful and accurate health data for different applications rather than indiscriminately recording the bio-signals data over 24 hours and trying to analyse it without context of consumer needs.  


​Our mission therefore is to enable these hearables to have accurate, continuous and non-invasive sensing, we aspire to empower consumers to make better health decisions based on their own health data.

What Makes Us Different?

Our OpticalFusion™ Technology (comprises of multiple LED and Photodiode pairs) effectively removes motion noise and results in very accurate physiological signals such as dynamic heart rate, interbeat intervals (RRI) and motion (including vertical oscillation, left/right foot contact time and gait) etc, so that the results can be useful for sports, healthcare and even medical applications.
We probably have the world’s smallest heart rate sensing technology when applied to earphones, this results in consumers finding our customers’ earphones very comfortable to wear. Check out the Anker Liberty 4, Philips TAA7306, Philips TAA4205 or the Philips SN503 (TASN503 for China), TCL Actv200BT, JBL Reflect Fit, Pioneer SEC-S801BT, Cleer Edge Voice/Pulse, 233621 Sense, the Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen.
Earphone brands using OpticalFusion™ Technology can have the sensors small and inconspicuous, earbuds brands and designers can have carte blanche on their designs without requiring any external modification of product surface. It also will not affect the addition of ANC (as seen in the Anker Liberty 4). 
We have worldwide Tier 1 customers.
We provide Optical Designs and Vital Signs Sensing Algorithm
We have teams in Hong Kong, USA and China to provide localized sales, technical and factory support.
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