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National University of Singapore completed Research Trial on continuous, non-invasive Core Body Temperature using multiple-sensor technology with improved accuracy from Well Being Digital (WBD101)

Recognizing the critical need for accurate and continuous core body temperature monitoring, Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101) embarked in this collaboration with the National University of Singapore to support the modifications of the earbuds with additional sensors and accuracy. This joint endeavor aims to develop cutting-edge technology capable of continuously detecting tympanic temperature, which is located in the ear canal adjacent to the eardrum. Tympanic temperature measurement has been widely recognized as a practical, non-invasive and probably the best method for monitoring core body temperature, particularly in emergency settings.

When monitoring body temperature, it's crucial to understand that not all body sites provide the same level of accuracy. Measurements taken from the chest, finger, wrist, and forehead, for instance, represent skin temperature. Skin temperature is influenced by both the body's core temperature and the surrounding environment. National University of Singapore completed Research Trial (

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